The Entities

John of God works for free, every Wednesday, Thursday and Friday in the Casa of Dom Ináçio, in the little village of Abadiania, Brazil, an hour and a half drive from Brasilia, the country’s capital. On each of these days, hundreds of people line up voluntarily to sit “in current”, in silent prayer and meditation, helping to create the vital energy that supports John as he does his amazing surgeries and healings.

Joy with John of GodJoy with John of God

João de Deus incorporates at least 33 different entities, who are the spirits of deceased doctors, surgeons, healers, saints, and masters. John of God is a full trance medium, meaning that he incorporates the entity with whom he is working, so completely, that he has no recall of the event. At times the entity identifies itself, but most often not. The Casa is named for St. Ignatius Loyola, the principal entity whom João incorporates. Other entities seen at The Casa are Dr. Augosto de Almeida, a surgeon who performs many of the surgeries, Dr. Oswaldo Cruz, a famous Brazilian physician who helped eradicate yellow fever and was a key figure in the founding of Brasilia, the country’s capital, and Dr. José Valdivino, a surgeon. Chico Xavier has recently been incorporating frequently at the Casa. Chico Xavier was a popular and prolific medium in Brazil’s Spiritism movement, writing more than 400 books through the medium Emmanuel. It was Chico Xavier who guided João to buy the land for The Casa, so that he would no longer be harassed for his unusual abilities.

John of God Journeys led by Dr. Joy Patten - John of God incorporatingJohn of God incorporating


The Entities of John of GodSome of the Entities working through John of God