The Casa

The following are links to the Casa, John of God´s spiritual healing sanctuary. There is wonderful information to be gleaned from these sites, and it can serve you well to read them before your spiritual journey. You are coming to Abadiania for spiritual and perhaps physical healing as well. John of God takes his mission very seriously, and asks that not only do people come with a guide, but also asks that you remain in Abadiania during the time that you are there for your healing experience. In other words, as he stated in a recent documentary, “you are not going to Brasil to sightsee, but for healing”.

The second link explains about the guidelines that I, as an official guide to the Casa, have to follow, to both assist you in your healing journey, and also to protect the Casa.

Friends of the Casa

Friends of the Casa – Guide to the Casa

Casa groundsEuler at John of God's healing sanctuary











John of God Journeys Joy with Participant at Casa

Joy with participant at Casa

John of God Journeys led by Dr. Joy Patten - Casa grounds

Casa grounds