Here are some testimonials from people that have experienced the healing power of John of God Journeys;

“Joy as a guide did a beautiful job of getting us through the various airports and taxis to our destinations. Her ability to speak Portuguese and her ability to communicate our needs, was handled with grace and confidence. I appreciated her respectful attitude toward the Brazilian people we encountered.  Traveling to Brazil can be a bit overwhelming. Having lived in Brazil for three years and traveled there many times, Joy knows her way around. She planned the trip and made choices that made it a meaningful experience, from the hotel to the comfortable van we traveled in, to the site-seeing we did on our journey home. Her translating was superb.  Thank you, Joy!” – Soffhea Gervais, Chiropractic Physician, Sept 2005

Soffhea Gervais

“I have much respect for you, Joy, that you were able to be our wonderful, knowledgeable guide and also be the wounded healer. You always left us feeling comfortable and nurtured. Your honest and direct approach works well. Thank you for everything.  The journey to the Casa De Dom Inacio was for me a pilgrimage of the Spirit in a quest for forgiveness, thanksgiving, and love. The beautiful vistas surrounding the town of Abadiania whispered softly in our ears, a way to find rest and peace, a way to honor each other and ourselves.  Many blessings to you, Joy!” – Greg, August 2006

Greg and Shannon at The Casa

“The high points that you would mention? The amazing learning environment and whole hands-on of experiencing Joao, the direct experience of spiritual healing that took place, great accomodations, very satisfying participant/guide interaction, relaxed and very peaceful 2 weeks (out of a too fast-paced and crazy lifestyle), building friendships with people from all over the world, unique healing opportunities, learning how to serve others just with sincere positive thinking and non self-interest prayer.” – Shannon, August 2006

“Dr. Joy was the perfect guide for me.  She was competent and thorough, kind and understanding.  I was impressed with how she handled the divergent needs of our group, with some people demanding a lot of time, and others wanting more quiet personal time.  She was able to navigate those personal requirements quite astutely.  I highly recommend her! ” – Robert Bump, Acupuncturist, Eagle, Colorado

John of God Journeys led by Dr. Joy Patten - Robert Bump

“Joy is a very attentive and loving guide.  She took care of all the details and anticipated my needs.  Her grasp of the Portuguese language is excellent.  Joy was also an incredible help interpreting the subtler energies, messages, healings, and dreams, of which there were many.  This is the kind of experience first-timers to the Casa will value.” – Caryn Tierney, Acupuncturist, Ashland, Oregon

John of God Journeys led by Dr. Joy Patten - Caryn Tierney

“Arriving at the airport in Brasilia, the first thing I saw as I exited the baggage area was Joy’s smiling face.  My second adventure in Abadiania with Joy and Joao de Deus had begun.  Her driver, a smiling young man, took my bag and in a few minutes we were on our way.  An excellent driver, he allowed us to catch up on each other’s lives as he drove us to our lodgings.  The next morning after breakfast, we walked to the Casa and looked around.  Joy pointed out things that had changed since my last visit; the new location of the pharmacy, expansion of the bookstore, benches outside near the overlook, more Crystal Light beds, and air conditioning and new benches inside the Casa.  We discussed the procedures I would follow the next day. Joy showed me where the translations would happen, explained what I would do if told to come back for an operation, and answered all of my questions.  That evening we went over more Casa details.  I felt well-prepared for the next day.

The next morning I entered the second-time line with Joy accompanying me.  I was told to return at 2pm for an operation. After the operation I returned to my lodgings by taxi and immediately went to bed.  That evening, the next morning and at lunch a smiling Joy came to my door with my meal on a tray.  Friday morning we had breakfast at 7am and then walked to the Casa, so I could sit in Current.  Later we had lunch together.  My plans to sit in the overlook were disrupted by a heavy rain, but subsequently I had my second crystal light bath, followed by sitting in the general area in quiet concentration.  Then Joy came over from sitting in Current and said Joao might be available for a photo.  After waiting a bit for him to disincorporate, a photo of the three of us was taken.  Now it’s after dinner and we are sitting in Fruitti’s, the local juice bar.  I am more than happy with Joy’s services as a Guide to the Casa  She has set the stage for me feeling very comfortable and prepared to experience all that the Casa offers.  Joy is an excellent Guide and I will use her services in the future.” – Larry B
John of God Journeys led by Dr. Joy Patten - Larry B

“Joy has been a joy to work with.  I feel well cared for and well guided with my experience here at the Casa.  All needs have been met and exceeded.  I’m so grateful to have her as my guide and new friend.  Thank you, Joy, for your love, faith and encouragement.” –  Kendra
John of God Journeys led by Dr. Joy Patten - Kendra