Testimonials About Dr. Joy’s Healing

Here are some testimonials from people that have experienced Dr. Joy’s healing;

“After my last treatment when Dr Joy worked on my third chakra, I found I was able to stand up for myself and feel stronger and more buoyant. My energy had been depleted and after the treatment I felt renewed, stronger and more energetic.  I was much more able to deal with stressful situations, and felt much more grounded. My body is moving more freely and I feel more solid and fully integrated within my physicality.  Everything is easier.” – Nancy S

“Dr. Joy’s work is amazingly powerful!  I have had an abundance of blocked energy in my chakras and my body, and she has been able to help me release these detours and obstructions that no one else has been able to get to.  I am connecting with so much more of my love and light because of her work!  Dr. Joy is an incredibly talented healer and truly a pleasure to know and work with. I consider her a resource to be shared with all who are wanting to deepen their experience of their authentic self, and heal their body in an entirely new way!” – Melinda

“Thank you for the amazing healing I received the other day.  I have long been intrigued by the John of God healings, and when I saw that you had firsthand experience with him I knew I had to come see you!  From the moment I walked in and felt the healing energy in your office and saw your unique crystal healing table I knew I was in the space.  Your angels met mine to completely open blockages I was experiencing and I now feel centered and ready to take on the new challenges in my business head-on.  Thank you again for the wonderful alignment of my energies!  I look forward to my next session.  Many Blessings!” – Kathy B

“I have been blessed to be in the caring hands of Dr. Joy Patten, D.C., during several periods of my last 6 years.  She was praised highly by those who gave me her name when I was in need for both musculoskeletal realignment and care, as well as for general healing.  

Dr. Joy consistently greeted me with warmth and welcome, and treated my being with great respect.  Her chiropractic skill reflected in my improved posture and decreased pain after a motor vehicle accident.  At other times, her gracious work helped keep me in balance on all levels.  When I finally met Dr. Augusto, wow, that was a potent experience of feeling my wholeness and my connection with the Divine.  

I am ever grateful to Dr. Joy for her nurturing and attentive care, her authenticity, and her healing presence.  I miss her sensitive, skillful hands, her beautiful smile, and the safety I felt when she worked with my body and being.” – Jyothi Rundel, Ashland, Oregon

Jyothi RundelJyothi Rundel

“How do I begin to share the significance of Dr. Joy’s healing gifts and all that her loving energy has brought to my life? Several years ago I was in a desperate situation, suffering from constant neck and back pain and depression.  Through treatments with Dr. Joy I was relieved of my ongoing physical pain and learned to understand and affect the energy flow in my body, allowing me to self heal my body and soul in ways I never before experienced.  Dr. Joy’s healing brought even greater benefits to my life as I began to experience an overall higher level of universal connection and harmony that has stayed with me through the years.  Recently, I had the amazing experience of receiving a healing from a John of God entity through Dr. Joy and I walked away more connected to a newer, brighter more welcoming world.

Just prior to my seeking Dr. Joy’s services, my teenage daughter’s father passed away.  She suffered miserably, filled with anger, rage and intensive pain for over two years before I was able to get her to open to the idea of visiting Dr. Joy.  Perhaps, after witnessing the positive difference in my well being, she opened to the idea.  The expression of my daughter’s pain over the prior couple of years brought unmanageable ongoing trauma to our household and nearly destroyed our relationship.  Within a few sessions with Dr. Joy I could see my daughter begin to release her emotional pain in a healthy way for the first time.  She reported experiencing peace and calm during healing sessions that she had never known before.  Through Dr. Joy’s healing I had my daughter back, and more significantly my daughter learned to understand her own energy and use it for her own well being.  Dr. Joy is a gifted person and I remain eternally grateful for all that her loving healing has brought to my life.” – Diana

“I met Dr. Patten at a Southern Oregon University Health Fair when I was 26 years old.  At the time, I was seeking help with frequent headaches.  Her analysis concluded that I suffered from TMJ dysfunction as a result of a car accident many years before and the possibility of juvenile osteoporosis.  Within the first few visits, Dr. Patten explained the way our nervous systems are connected to our entire bodies, how energy can become “stuck” and how posture patterns can effect the flow of energy throughout our bodies and effect healing.  After experiencing the absence of my frequent headaches, I sought to learn more.  Through her guidance and knowledge I have experienced not only physical healing techniques, but emotional, nutritional and spiritual healing as well.  I am now 41 years old and have had the great pleasure of allowing Dr. Patten to gift me with her Healing Hands, extensive knowledge and superb insight.  After 15 years of allowing her to work on not only my physical being, but my energy centers and emotional issues, I can honestly say I have been truly blessed!  Her work with Dr. Augusto is truly amazing!  The shift from doctor to doctor is palpable.  When Dr. Augusto comes through – the energy in the room sizzles, the switch from feminine to masculine is felt by the strength of force, still truly compassionate and nurturing, yet more direct than Joy’s usual subtle and gentle voice and mannerisms.  His work with the crystals seems to “rev-up” the session in progress.  I feel extremely blessed to have known the healing powers of both of these forces and will miss the amazing gift Colorado has received from Ashland, Oregon.” – Cori Thye-Couch