Testimonials About the Astral Doctors

Here are some testimonials from people about healing with the Astral Doctors;

“Dr. Joy’s tremendous sensitivity combined with a soul-inspired desire to serve humanity give her very special gifts.  These result in my always feeling held by Grace and experiencing an incredible depth of healing.  Through her work I have found great support in unfolding more of my inner resources and gifts to give to others.  Thank you Dr. Joy!” – Lawrence S. Conlan, D.C., N.D.

“What I experienced during the session with Dr. Joy is hard to express; various pulsations in different parts of my body and then a peacefulness that defies description.  When I got off the table my legs felt heavy, not in a negative way but grounded, powerful, and stable.  In the days following the session I have felt more energized.  It is easier to get to sleep and upon arising I feel bright and ready to start the day.  In the past it has taken me a while to get going in the morning.  So, at 64 years of age I do feel younger then before!

Also, I have noticed being more extroverted than usual; telling jokes that cracked other people up, and I was surprised by my own creativity.  Was this me being so delightfully present with people?  Well, apparently so, and it has seemed like a natural transition for me, even though I am usually fairly shy.” – David R, Chiropractor

“Thank you for the amazing healing that I received the other day.  I have long been intrigued by the Astral Doctor Healings, and knew I had to come see you!  From the moment i walked in and felt the healing energy in your office and saw your unique crystal healing table I knew I was in the space.  Your angels met mine to completely open blockages I was experiencing and I now feel centered and ready to take on the new challenges in my business head-on.  Thank you for the wonderful alignment of my energies!  I look forward to my next session.” – Kathy B

“Joy is a clear channel and medium, and a powerful healer.  Her healing skills and the Astral Doctors she brings through have helped me in profound ways that support my physical and emotional health and spiritual growth.  I deeply appreciate her work and I feel safe and well cared for in her hands.” – Tara S, Buddhist practitioner and healer

“Dr Joy’s work with her astral doctors is truly amazing! The shift from Doctor to Doctor is palpable. When her main masculine doctor comes through, the energy in the room sizzles. The switch from feminine to masculine is felt by the strength of force, still truly compassionate and nurturing, yet more direct than Joy’s usual subtle and gentle voice and mannerisms.  His work with the crystals seems to “rev-up” the session in progress.  I feel extremely blessed to have known the healing powers of both of these forces and will miss the amazing gift Colorado has received from Ashland Oregon.” – Cori T, School Administrator, Medford, Oregon

“My recent session with Dr Joy was incredible.  I experienced a very dramatic change.  My whole solar plexus relaxed, as well as my entire spine.  My sense of well-being and peace is profoundly deeper.  I am sleeping much better.  My partner even noticed the difference, and now he wants to go see her too!” – Nancy S, Filmmaker.

“Guidance and inspiration from the Astral Doctors has helped me to be more comfortable in my own skin.  I used to see all sorts of other healers.  I have found the guidance, healing and inspiration from the Astral Doctors to be a safe place for my own healing.  I’m so grateful that I came through the door and found you here.” – Delores G

“I recently had the pleasure to participate in a healing session with Dr. Joy Patten and the astral doctors that she works with.  They addressed some very specific chakra imbalances that I was experiencing and shared some very pertinent information that I found extremely useful in the grounding of my well-being.  Dr. Joy is a very gifted, experienced healer and I felt very supported and loved by the energies in her incredible healing space.” –  Donna J

“After my last treatment when Dr. Joy worked on my third chakra, I found I was able to stand up for myself and feel stronger and more buoyant. My energy had been depleted and after the treatment I felt renewed, stronger and more energetic.  I was much more able to deal with stressful situations, and felt much more grounded.  I feel more solid and fully within my body.  Everything is easier.  My body is moving more freely.” – Nancy, writer, Boulder, CO

“Dr. Joy’s work is amazingly powerful! She has been able to help me release blockages that no one else has been able to achieve.  I am connecting with so much more of my love and light because of her work!  Dr. Joy is an incredibly talented healer.  I consider her a resource to be shared with all those wanting healing and transformation in their lives!” – Melinda, healer, Denver, CO

“I was at Dr. Joy’s John of God meditation and felt like the Entities were speaking directly to me.  It was a very personal channeling.  And the messages were so appropriate, like they knew exactly what my challenges were.” – Dave B

“I was open to the chanelling and although it was long distance and via the telephone, I experienced a real peace which I had never experienced before.  A peace that permeated the soul.  I have had many traumatic experiences in my life which create depression, anxiety and addiction to food.  I believe that the chanelling of the doctors affected me on a very deep-seated spiritual level.  Three different people have told me that I seem much calmer.  I am very pleased to have worked with Dr. Joy Patten and I would be open to doing so again.” – Annie M, San Jose CA