Testimonials About John of God

“The highest point of my trip to Brazil was being opened to the presence of divine love, which was palpably present. To be in and around the Casa, is to me heaven on earth. It feels like the veils between different realities have fallen away. I have experienced the healing of emotional wounds, as well as physical injuries. My beliefs and perceptions of the spiritual have expanded tremendously and make more sense to me now, than I had ever understood with all my years of spiritual seeking and study. I am immensely grateful for my time spent in Abadiania, a life-changing process for me.” – Soffhea Gervais, Chiropractic Physician, Sept 2005

“My most memorable experiences were the visits to the sacred waterfall; so refreshing to the spirit. And of course being in current was indescribable; the joy and peace were deeply healing. In both places I felt closer to Spirit than I have in a long time. Certainly, I was awed by the people who came to the Casa from all corners of the Earth in Faith that miracles do occur for us all, if only we ask and believe that our prayers will be answered.” – Greg, August 2006

Greg and Shannon at The CasaJoy with participants in Healing Journeys trip

“During the morning current session on Thursday, the neatest thing happened! I was enjoying meditation and knew there was healing energy present (praying for Joao, praying for all people receiving work of the entity, praying for myself and my family with our needs, and thanking God for each thing). Then I felt an acutely intense sensation of heat on the right side of my head, internally in my head, and surrounding my ear. In 2001 I had an acute onset of Meniere´s Disease, with major loss of hearing in my right ear. The huge side effect of this disease is vertigo and vomiting. It´s really a strange sensation to absolutely lose control of my balance. What a relief that God has now healed me of this!! And what a blessing to have the experience of the entities working on me during the current session, through Joao. I believe, for more than this reason I’ve explained, that amazing healing occurs here in Abadiania, Brasil.” – Shannon, Sept 2006

“What a spiritual experience!  Lying in the Crystal Beds was an encounter everyone should experience.  I learned what meditation truly is, feeling your spirit being healed.  The Casa is truly a healing place.  The people I meant were amazing.  You have to go there to truly experience it.  I could feel the enities working on me both in the Crystal Beds and in the Casa.” – Love, Virginia (seated)
Laurie and Virginia (seated)Laurie and Virginia (seated)

“Since I have come back from my John of God trip, my organs are doing their intended job. I have learned what my problem is and I am now setting up to do something about it. I believe that my problem stems from a tooth with an amalgam filling that broke. I have been tasting and smelling like metal for 3 years. Probably mercury poisoning, which is in alignment with all my symptoms. Most of which are subsiding. I believe that I would have been in much worse shape without meeting with Joao. I am very grateful for my trip to Brazil and the healing energy of the entities. Joao is doing such a noble and incredible task. Thank you for providing the guide service. It is much needed and I hope you are receiving great benefits as well.” – Love Laurie, August 2005