John of God

John of God in healing session at the CasaJohn of God in healing session at the Casa

João Texeira de Faria began receiving amazing abilities to heal when he was only 16. Since then, more than 17 million people have experienced his presence and touch of grace, receiving healing for innumerable ailments. People seek him out for all sorts of maladies, from cancer, paralysis, MS, and muscular dystrophy, to asthma, allergies, arthritis and back pain. Due to the countless miracles that he has performed, he has been fondly nicknamed João de Deus, or “John of God” by the people of Brazil.

In January of 2004, Dr. Joy Patten went to see John of God for the first time. She was drawn by the presence of the divine, photos of the Crystal Light Bath (an energetic light treatment of the chakras conceived of by the guides of João de Deus), and the experiences of friends, who received healing of cancerous tumors and other extremely serious illnesses.