Dr. Joy’s Healing

Dr. Joy Patten went to live in Brazil in December 1995, when she was invited to join a hospital which used natural methods to heal terminally ill patients and those with addictions. The administrating M.D. had formerly experienced Network Chiropractic, and was absolutely certain that it would benefit his patients. Joy donated her services in several impoverished communities, and was invited to join a multi-disciplinary clinic in Rio de Janeiro. She also practiced in two other locations in Rio, and took numerous opportunities to study with indigenous healers. These three years were full of amazing and life-changing experiences, including learning to speak Portuguese, which for Joy is a musical and magical language.

Joy with John of GodJohn of God and Dr. Joy Patten

Dr. Joy Patten is your guide and translator for John of God Journeys. A healer and chiropractor in Ashland, Oregon for 15 years, she also lived as well as practiced in Brazil for more than 3 years. She heard about John of God after she returned to Ashland, when a friend decided to pursue alternative methods to heal breast cancer. She went to The Casa in January 2004, and was so deeply impacted that she received her mission to take people to be with John of God. She is an official guide for the Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola, the healing spiritual sanctuary of John of God, and offers her fluent Portuguese skills in translating as part of the spiritual journey package. She is familiar with local language, currency, food and customs. Taking people to see John of God is a mission which she received and which she does with great joy.