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John of God Journeys led by Dr. Joy Patten - Crystal Light BathFrom Casa Newsletter
Dr. Joy Patten, Oregon, USA

In January 2004 I came to see João to feel the energies that he imparts, and also for help with asthma.  It was such a beautiful and powerful experience, to feel the love and compassion with which he offers his gifts, and to witness his humility.  During my first visit to the Casa, I received that I was to ask for permission to bring a crystal bed home.  In my personal interview with João, he gave me permission to offer the bed for use by my clients, and also told me that my work in conjunction with that of the crystal light bath was important to the people who come to receive the baths.  It is a humbling and precious honor to be entrusted with this work.

I have been doing both chiropractic and healing work for 27 years.  I offer the crystal baths in one hour sessions, which includes a prayer before and after the session, and 40 minutes under the lights.  I usually sit “in current” during the healing sessions.  This is a gift both to the client and for me.  João told me that the crystal bed imparts the energies of some of the entities which he channels.  What better gift could I offer the world?

I have had many people visit my office to use the crystal lights.  Some clients feel something very deep immediately; for others it takes some time.  The ones who definitely feel a change, usually do a series of treatments.  Some clients feel a lot of movement internally, and others more in their aura, energetically.  Several women in particular have vivid visions while on the table.

One of my patients stated that she felt a Blueprint of Divine Perfection being illuminated within her body.  I realized that that was one of my perceptions as well, and feel the profound depth at which the crystal apparatus works.  I am so grateful.  Here is what some of my other clients say:

“My body relaxes, my mind gets still, and then I can heal.”
“The crystals illuminate my mind.”
“It points the way to God.”
“It fills me with oneness.”
“The crystals open my heart.”
“It fills me with light.”
“The crystals prime me for seeing the ripples in my life.”
“It helps me to be receptive to the unseen.”
“The crystal light helps me to re-recognize my perfection.”
“The light leads me back to God.”

Thank you so much for allowing me to share this amazing work.  I appreciate being able to feel my connection with João continued in this very deep way, and to extend this possibility for connection with the divine healing source to my community.

Blessings and Joy


Crystal Light Bath sessions: 40 minutes under the amazing chakra lights.  $50 through March 31, 2016.   (Normally $75.)

Package of 11 Crystal Light Baths $499.

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