Astral Doctors

I have been working with the Astral Doctors for 11 years.  They first came through during a session with one of my clients, and I had to translate from the Portuguese as well as do the healing in which they were guiding me.  The work has evolved over time and they now speak English.  In the beginning they were a bit awkward, and have had to learn a bit about the social norms in the United States.

I’ve always been fascinated by people: their minds, their thoughts, their emotions, their perspectives of the world.  We are all so unique and have had the amazing experiences which have helped to create us.

We are much more powerful than we normally give ourselves credit for.  When we enter into an alliance to discover the Divine goodness within ourselves, and what is keeping us from it, an incredibly powerful internal investigation is instigated.  I love to help people in this process of their discovery of themselves.

The Astral Doctors show me where the blocks are in people’s energy fields.  It excites me to see it and it humbles me to be able to help people to witness a part of themselves that has been wounded, and to support healing for that part.  It is an intimate connection to witness a trauma in someone’s life and to help them see how it affected them in their energetic matrices.  A colleague of mine once quoted, “those who have eyes can see.”  I didn’t totally understand what he meant at the time, but I now believe that most of us have the ability to see, if we develop the listening and observation skills that can be honed over time, and then have the courage to use them.

It takes courage to enter into a detailed self analysis, to see the places where we have hidden from ourselves.  When I have accompanied someone to a place in themselves in which they are willing to be vulnerable, to see another dimension, another connection, another opening in themselves, then I have accomplished my mission.  My aim is to witness and to help open a door into an area of yourself that you did not know existed.


The Astral Doctors come in after I have entered the healing room and have begun to look into the persons auric field.  They view your field and chakras.  They show me the places of blockage or holding.  We go there and begin to work with them.

This is not something that I see all the time.  When I am walking around in my daily life, I don’t see these things.  It would be overwhelming.  But when invited to enter, I will tell you what I see.  Perhaps this can give you a clue to your own process: how to unwind the holding, what is associated with it, what the purpose of this pattern has been, and what it is now calling for.

The story is not as important as the trauma and how you felt; and then how you reacted.  We are looking at the contractions of your body in relation to your character structure and starting to dismantle them.  We do this gently, with utmost compassion, and only with your acceptance and cooperation.

Our character structure is what we created in response to our experiences: our feelings, reactions and responses.  It is basically our personality.  At the time of a drama/trauma/difficult situation, we protected ourselves as well as we could. Since “we” created this protection, we can choose not to be restricted forever by our own pains, anger and fears, and our defenses against those who stimulated these reactions.  We felt them and created our defenses, and once we recognize them, we can consciously begin the dismantling process.  Our defenses served us in those past moments, but now we may sense that they are holding us back.

Our symptoms emanate from a region, from an area, from a location in the body, and if we can pinpoint it and the emotions associated with it, we have a good start in being able to witness the situation(s), see our reactions and their results, and then begin to  reconfigure ourselves.  We can consciously make the choice to change our behavior and our defenses.

Dr Joy’s part in this is to pinpoint the holding, to support you in feeling the emotions that are locked there, and to gently help you to open and release these contractions and emotions.  She usually begins the work physically, to let you know where the blockage is, then works in your auric field to remove attachments, and ultimately does hands-on work to help you to release the pattern, and to integrate your healing.

During this work in which the Astral Doctors accompany us, we also call on the power of the Divine Mother, Archangel Michael, Yemanja, Queen of the Sea, and a select group of astral beings and nature devas who witness and comfort us, battle for us, and protect us during this inner journey of claiming the healing of our sacred wounds.


Dr Joy Patten is a chiropractor of 27 years, who has studied the body-mind for more than 39 years.  She first was entranced with spiritual healing when she encountered Vete Vete, an energetic healing system in Micronesia.  She has lived, worked, and/or studied in China, Nepal, Micronesia and Brazil, and has traveled extensively.  She is an official guide for the Casa, John of God’s spiritual sanctuary.

Dr Joy lived in Brazil for 3 years, donating her skills in several impoverished communities, and working in several clinics in Rio de Janeiro where Network Chiropractic became an integral part of the healing process.  She studied with countless healers in Brazil, to help bring her to the multi-dimensional view that she now holds of healing.  One of the people with whom she studied in the Amazon is Maria Alice Campos Freire, who created the Amazonian Flower Essences and is one of the 13 Grandmothers.

Her chiropractic services encompass the light-force modalities of Network Spinal Analysis, Cranio-Sacral Therapy, and traditional osseous adjusting, including physical therapy and exercise regimes to help people to recover from Motor Vehicle Accidents.  She is qualified to be the Primary Physician for your Personal Injury chiropractic services, without needing a referral from an MD, and bills insurance for these services.

She has extensive skills in her spiritual toolkit, her background including studies at the Gestalt Institute, University of Colorado, University of Portland, and Western States Chiropractic College, plus myriad classes in psychology and chiropractic and other healing techniques.  She uses what works in the moment.

Accompanying people through their process of recovery of feelings, thoughts and memories, and then their release, feels very natural to Dr Joy.  She considers it an extraordinary honor to witness the discovery of the mystery of the self.

Astral Doctors session, 1st session is 1 1/2 hours. $150.  Please wear white or light colored clothing.  May be done long distance.

Further sessions are 1 hour, $100.

Package of 11 sessions $999. Does not include initial session

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