Abadiania is a friendly little village of 11,000, situated in the rolling plains of central Brazil, just an hour and a half away from Brasilia, the nation’s capital. It sits at 3008 feet elevation, with the one main street leading to the Casa. Most of the pousadas, or inns, are located on this main street, or very close to it. Along Avenida Frontal are a number of small shops and restaurants. There is a wonderful juice bar, a pizza place, a cute little bookstore, several hair and nail salons, and numerous little shops selling clothes, crystals, and local souvenirs. Just a few blocks up from the Casa is a large field, in which you can often see a horse grazing by the lone tree.

Abadiania at sunriseView from Abadiania at sunrise

The inns are within 10 to 15 minutes walk of the Casa. There are local taxis which can whisk you to your room after a Casa visit, or transport you when you want to go to the waterfall. Just a few minutes walk from the Casa is a hill from which you may view the morning sunrise, and the sacred waterfall is only a 15 minute walk from the Casa gates. Many hummingbirds, and various other wildlife such as toucans, parrots and monkeys, can be seen by the observant eye. Lovely bougainvillea and fragrant ginger and gardenia can be found in the endless rolling hills.

Pencil of Light Bookstore in AbadianiaPencil of Light Bookstore in Abadiania

The small town flavor is a lovely respite from the busy and stressful lives which most of us lead.

Horse and cart in Abadiania