“The journey to the Casa De Dom Inacio was for me a pilgrimage of the Spirit in a quest for forgiveness, thanksgiving, and love.” – Greg, August 2006

In January of 2004, Dr. Joy Patten went to see John of God for the first time. She was drawn by photos of and experiences with the Crystal Light Bath, and the healing of friends, who had remission of cancer and other serious conditions.

Dr. Patten received a number of invisible surgeries, each one setting the stage for deeper healing, and precipitating the understanding of spiritual lessons. Upon her request to view visible surgeries, she was invited to be at João’s side while he performed these radically different physical surgeries, each with a focus on a spiritual imbalance which was contributing to the person’s illness. She says that seeing these surgeries dramatically augmented her faith in the Divine, as there can be no other explanation for the results achieved by these surgeries. Healing of AIDS, asthma, hepatitis, back pain, paralysis, and cancer of every type, are a few of the miracle healings that have occurred at the Casa.

During this trip, Joy received a mission to bring people to John of God, which she does with great joy. Photo below taken at the Labyrinth in the Temple of Good Will, one of the sacred sites we visit in Brasilia.

Healing Journeys to John of God led by Dr. Joy Patten.


February 2018

August 2018

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Dr. Joy Patten at the Labyrinth at the Temple of GoodwillThe Labyrinth at the Temple of Goodwill

John of God Meditations held on the 4th Thursday of most months

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Please join us for an evening of healing with the JOHN OF GOD energies. We recreate the sacred space of the Brazilian Casa, and will be guided in meditation, visualization, and embodiment of our healing. Each participant receives a few minutes under the John of God Crystal Light Bath. We ask a donation of $15-20, to benefit the healing sanctuary in Brazil, but no one will be turned away.